Let’s Make It Rain Goats

Let’s Make It Rain Goats

Let’s Make It Rain Goats

As a parent, I learn a lot from my kids. We recently finished 8 Days of Giving and as I watched how my kids view poverty, I learned a lot about how God wants us to address hunger. My kids taught me that what I perceive is a lot of money is life changing for other people. They taught me that a giving spirit doesn’t take the easy way out – it looks for ways to solve the poverty problem. They taught me to focus more on the outcomes than on how we get there.

Jon Acuff recently learned a lot of these same lessons. Today, his family wants to make it rain goats. Jon’s goal is to give 100 goats over the next 24 hours. Will you help us?

One goat makes a huge impact on the family. It helps provide better crops, goats reproduce to create a source of income, and goat milk is used for nutrition and to earn a little extra money. A full goat costs $120 and you can also give $20 to help buy a goat.

Our family’s giving a goat today and our girls decided to name her “Pendora.” We pray Pendora brings joy, milk, and Evie just added, “laughter.”

Read Jon’s Post and Give a Goat »

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