Be Consistent with Your Voice

Be Consistent with Your Voice

Be Consistent with Your Voice

Your donors consume multiple channels of information: direct mail, commercials, website, blog, email, events, and social media. Be consistent with your messaging and voice across these channels. Be creative and have fun in social media, but make sure you don’t throw off your donors by presenting a completely different image of your organization in social media.

Build a profile of your organization’s voice. Are you more corporate or more fun? Are you adventurous or stable? Are you colorful or more black and white? Create a profile describing who your brand is and distribute it to people within your organization that create content or post for you.

How do you create a consistent voice? Examine who you have posting in your social media account. If you’re using multiple people to manage social media, you often will find your voice from post to post sounds different. We recommend creating a consistent social media team that develops a single voice that all community managers adhere to. Regularly test by comparing different social media posts to ensure a consistent voice.

Your vocabulary choices make a difference. How you write online determines how people will view your brand. Are you writing formally when your audience is much more informal? Are you using technical jargon when your donors desire a more basic explanation? Review your current content to see how you’re currently expressing your brand and create guidelines for how you want to sound.

Creating a consistent voice will help develop the relationship you desire with a donor.


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