9 Essential Tools for Your Non-Profit’s Marketing Arsenal

9 Essential Tools for Your Non-Profit’s Marketing Arsenal

9 Essential Tools for Your Non-Profit’s Marketing Arsenal

With the right set of digital marketing tools, your non-profit can run a top-notch marketing campaign for a relatively low price. It is essential to choose smart marketing tools that will help you promote your cause while using SEO tools to track your visibility and identify any problem areas. For non-profit organization, three of the significant types of tools that should be considered as a part of you promotional campaigns are SEO, marketing, and content.

SEO Tools

As you undoubtedly know, SEO is an essential part of a successful digital marketing campaign. SEO apps assist you in assessing your site’s performance in search engines so that you can adjust appropriate elements in order to improve your rankings.

1. Google Analytics: It’s impossible to discuss SEO tools without it. As the most comprehensive source of detailed information on your traffic, conversions, and rankings, Analytics is an essential tool for any website.

2. iSpionage: As you develop a SEO marketing campaign, one of the first steps is to generate a list of relevant keywords to target. iSpionage has a powerful keyword research tool that will assist you in identifying keywords, competitors, and success rates.

3. SEOMoz: SEOMoz is the leading SEO management platform, analyzing your site, competitors, and keyword data. The tool will find SEO problems and has a variety of tools that will help you improve SEO for your site.

4. Open Site Explorer: A free tool from SEOMoz (and one that has expanded features with an SEOMoz Pro subscription), Open Site Explorer lets you look at link data for any page on any domain. This is invaluable for analyzing your own site – and your competitors.

Marketing Tools

You efforts in SEO prepare you to launch a great marketing campaign. Once SEO practices are in place, your marketing tactics are key in promoting your site. Incorporate marketing tools into your campaign wisely in order to reach your target audience more effectively.

5. Facebook Mobile Ads: There is little chance that your organization has failed to recognize the importance of Facebook Ads at this point. However, with the growth of mobile, your Facebook ads must be adjusted to appeal to mobile clientele, especially since Facebook is the most popular free mobile app.

6. MailChimp: As a non-profit, you are likely to be advancing a well-planned email marketing campaign. Not only is there a free version of MailChimp, but it also integrates with third-party platforms so that you can easily transition email address collected from other platforms. MailChimp makes mobile-friendly practices easy so that you can efficiently send out email updates, newsletters, information about events, and promotional content.

7. AdRoll: AdRoll is a retargeting ad platform that allows you to tag pages on your site and then show those visitor ads across the web – including on Facebook. Remarketing is one of the most cost effective ways to reacquire donors.

Content Tools

Of course, all of your SEO and marketing strategies are reliant on great content. Even the best marketing campaigns will fall flat if you fail to present relevant, useful information that entices the interest of your potential donors.

8. Ubersuggest: This tool cleverly utilizes Google Suggestions to assist you in coming up with inspiration. As you type, Ubersuggest brings to your attention the latest trends and pages related to your topic that are garnering attention. If you are struggling in your search for sources, this tool offers a little extra insight into similar searches that might yield more productive results.

9. Evernote: If you have a mobile device, Evernote can act as your constant companion that tracks and records any in-the-moment thoughts or inspiration that come to you. Jot down notes, snap photos, or record a thought all in the same place so that you never lose a moment of clarity.

What are your top tools for marketing a non-profit organization?

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