Fastest Way to Complete Performance Reviews

Fastest Way to Complete Performance Reviews

Fastest Way to Complete Performance Reviews

After months of researching and working behind the scenes, I’m thrilled to be able to share an exciting new venture –

This new website will focus on helping companies improve productivity through employee training, development and evaluation. Not only will we be offering great information on how to effectively manage your team’s work habits. But we will also show how to use the performance appraisal form as a way to spearhead growth-for both the company and the workers.

Obviously there are many other sites that feature performance management tools. So what will make different? And why is this important to me?

Well, as my regular readers know, I truly believe that positive organizational culture is an essential part of a business’ overall health. No matter if it’s a nonprofit or a corporation, the training and retention of workers play a big role in that institution’s success. And while it’s true that human resources departments have long focused on creating a great work environment to foster these kinds of relationships-studies have shown that they routinely fall short in measuring the success of their efforts.

Enter the performance review. True, it can be a source of dread for staff and supervisors alike. But it can also be a powerful way to provide HR an invaluable view of a workforce in terms of work quality and production. It can help detect trends in where training needs to be provided as well as maybe pinpoint ineffective management techniques.

More importantly, it can be a way to take the pulse of employee satisfaction. Which is a key factor in determining how well a company can retain them.

According to a 2013 Gallop poll, seven out of ten employees have expressed not being engaged in their jobs. This is potentially damaging to a business’ economic health. Especially when you consider that companies with a higher percentage of disengaged employees are ones who usually report lower productivity and earnings.

The simple truth is that how your workers feel about their job matters. And how do you engage them? By giving them relevant training. Making sure that they are in the right job for their skill set. Providing them with regular evaluations on their work performance and offering an action plan to make sure they meet your organization’s standards. A performance review that is written and used correctly can offer human resource departments all of those things. But sadly, a lot of managers aren’t trained in how to write one.

That’s what drove me to create this new site. I definitely see it as an extension of the work I have done thus far in the areas of nonprofit and marketing management. More importantly, I hope that will become a valuable resource for those businesses who are really looking to tap the power of performance management to transform their workforce.

I realize that the concept of using a positive corporate culture to drive production isn’t a new one. But I’m not looking to recreate the wheel with the launch of However, we’re confident that we can have a positive effect on how business is done. One employee at a time.

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