Run With a Clan

Run With a Clan

Run With a Clan

Over time, you’ll discover there’s a core of people who are engaged with your nonprofit online. If you take too long to realize who they are, you’ll lose some of them. Create opportunities to build a clan of people you run with online and you’ll find they’ll become your biggest influencers.

How do I find & build a clan? You can’t sit back and wait for people to come to you and form a clan, you need to constantly be seeking people out. Some people will be tremendous to work with, others won’t. Being specific in creating opportunities to connect and grow together are key.

1. Guest post on blogs. Find blogs related to your nonprofit’s niche and ask if you can provide a relevant guest post. Create something awesome for the blogger and they’ll ask you back for more connection points with their audience.

2. Create unique experiences for people. Influencers enjoy unique experiences they can share with their audiences. Take bloggers on a trip or host a dinner for a select group of influencers. Pay attention to the details to give the best impression of your nonprofit.

3. Use events to generate excitement. Creating offline events that have online components can create excitement for your cause. Livestream the event or provide a special online-only version of the event.

Build a clan and you’ll find your digital marketing efforts find more success.

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