Content is Key to Building Donor Relationships of Trust

Content is Key to Building Donor Relationships of Trust

Content is Key to Building Donor Relationships of Trust

Nearly 90 percent of American adults use the Internet. There are few more reliable ways to connect with prospective donors and demonstrate why a particular nonprofit is worthy of their donations.

Modern consumers want to be informed about the organizations they give money to, whether they are making a nonprofit donation or a purchase. Charitable groups that want to be successful must understand the desire of donors to be informed and work with them to build a relationship of trust. High-quality content can be critical to accomplishing this goal.

Understanding donors’ pain points

When a nonprofit wants to develop trust with its donors, it must first understand what its supporters want to see in a charitable organization. Many donors want to see evidence of the following:

  • How donations are used
  • How the organization has made a difference
  • How the organization completes its work

When customers purchase a product or service from a company, they want to feel as though the return they receive for their money is worth the investment. Similarly, donors to nonprofits want to feel as though their monies have gone to the cause they wanted to help. When organizations address the pain points that donors have, they can help improve the donor experience.

Using content to develop the sense of trust

Content can be an excellent way to communicate with donors and help to show them that their donations are valued. Valuable content to build trust can be any of the following:

  • Success stories profiling the charity’s work
  • Financial reports demonstrating how much of the donation goes to the cause
  • Profiling donors and how their specific contributions have helped the organization succeed
  • Organizational reports detailing how the nonprofit accomplishes its work

The core value of the content comes from addressing the concerns of donors and reassuring them that the organization appreciates their contributions and would like to build a relationship with them.

Distributing the content

Leverage the power of digital media to get this valuable content in front of donors. Understand what people will be looking for at different parts of their journeys. For example, a prospective donor interested in learning more about the organization might appreciate having access to financial reports and summaries on the website. After a person has made a donation, he or she might enjoy receiving an email about a recent success story that the charity has experienced, helping the donor feel as though the donation has made a difference. Donor profiles, other success stories, and reports from the field can be excellent for social media platforms.

Donors are the key to keeping a nonprofit successful and moving forward. Without trust, though, many donors will move to other organizations. Groups that want to build relationships with their donors should leverage content and digital media to get their story in front of those who want to help the organization with its mission.

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