3 Steps to Jumpstart Your Social Media Presence

3 Steps to Jumpstart Your Social Media Presence

3 Steps to Jumpstart Your Social Media Presence

Social media has become a must for any business, no matter the size of the business.  Simply put, you have to be where your customers are.  But how do you reach prospective customers and increase your social media reach? If you already have a presence that hasn’t gained a lot of traction, how do you jumpstart your social media presence and find success?

1. Focus on Just a Few Social Networks

It’s enticing to try to do too much in social media. There are so many people on different platforms that you feel like you need to be everywhere to have a successful social media presence. Unfortunately, with limited resources, spreading yourself too thin in social media will result in mediocrity. Instead, focus your efforts on two or three key platforms that reach your target audience. For most organizations, Facebook is a minimum requirement for a social presence. Depending on your industry, it may make sense to also use Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, or LinkedIn to promote your business. Whichever social media sites you choose, focus on building a high quality presence before expanding your social footprint.

2. Make Social Media a Priority

Twitter reports 44% of their users are inactive. Social media is easy to start, but often becomes an afterthought to your marketing efforts. The key to social media growth and success is making it a priority. In the beginning, it can feel like the efforts are in vain: people aren’t liking the page, retweeting your posts, or sharing your YouTube video. However, with time, your social media efforts will pay off as you begin developing a loyal following.

3. Social Media Isn’t a One Way Conversation

Have you ever been to a party and get stuck talking to a guy that only wants to talk about himself? When a business only promotes its own wares in social media, its similar to the guy that’s only interested in promoting himself. Social media is a two-way street, two thirds of the time you should be talking about other people and interacting with your social followers. Start talking with your followers and see your effectiveness expand.

Narrowing your focus, making social media a priority, and creating engaging conversations will jumpstart your social media efforts.

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