Want to Increase Email Response? Start With Open Rate.

Delivering an email to an inbox is just the first step of your email campaign. Increasing response starts with increasing the open rate for the recipients of your email campaign. How do you increase the open rate for your emails?

  • Test different email subject lines.
  • Make it clear in the from name and email address who the email is from.
  • Write a great open line that shows up in the preview of emails. Don’t let “Can’t read this email? Click here to open it on the web.” be your opening pitch.
  • Get opt-ins from the right people. Creating an engaging newsletter is easy when you have people that are engaged with your brand.
  • Test your send frequency to see how much you can send to resonate with your audience.
  • Try different send days and times. Different days of the week work better for different audiences.

The key to any digital campaign is test, measure, and change. If you’re finding something doesn’t work, don’t be afraid to change it, measure, and change based on what you discover.

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