12 Days of Christmas & Unique Marketing Opportunities

12 Days of Christmas & Unique Marketing Opportunities

12 Days of Christmas & Unique Marketing Opportunities

At Food for the Hungry, we explore new ideas and techniques to reach our audience. This Christmas season we developed a 12 Days of Christmas children’s book to teach kids about Christmas in different countries and cultures. It is also an opportunity to introduce people to how the gift catalog works and the impact those items have on people around the world.

12 Days of Christmas was also just fun to do. Collecting the stories from the field, designing the pages to match the cultures, and creating blog posts to go along with each day, all of these tasks added joy to a busy season!

As you review your marketing calendar for this year, what opportunities do you have to add some creativity and fun to your digital marketing? Here’s a few ideas:

  • New Year’s Resolution: Social media campaign, what do you resolve to do to help others this year? Use a print on demand postcard service that people can use to mail someone a card featuring their New Year’s resolution and how they’re going to help someone in need.
  • Groundhog’s Day: Have people fundraise for two projects based on whether or not they think the Phil will see his shadow. Each dollar given represents a vote for what they think Phil will do.
  • 40 days of Lent: Develop 40 days of blog posts, social media posts, and an email campaign for Lent.
  • Organization’s Birthday: Celebrate your birthday! Raise funds for a project as a birthday gift to the people you serve. Host a community party to celebrate.
  • School’s Out: Summer vacation is coming and hundreds of thousands of kids around the US are celebrating. What about kids who don’t have the opportunity to attend school? Run a campaign to raise money for them.

Building creative campaigns not only helps with your audience, but it’s also fun for your staff to execute.

Merry Christmas! We hope you have a pleasant day and spend time worshipping the Lord!


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